About FiberCharacterization.org

The purpose of FiberCharacterization.org is simply to help create a discussion and hopefully an eventual standard around the “process” of characterizing of Fiber Optic cables.  My team has literally tested thousands of fibers and unfortunately what we still see as an issue is the reporting and network documentation which follows the process of fiber characterization testing.  The industry has literally created hundreds of version of glorified excel documents to track the process and test results obtained from the field, but the documents are typically only utilized in the design phase of network engineering and don’t find a more permanent home in a Network Asset Management Database (NAMD).   It is my goal to affect change in this regard and allow users to access FiberBase, a cloud based NAMD which would help centralize the information obtained in the field and make it universally available within an organization.

If you are interested in helping this cause and obtaining better network documentation procedures, you’re welcome to join the debate.

Thanks for your interest.

Chris LaBonge

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